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Gait Analysis

Here at HPO we regularly use the Dartfish system of computerised running gait analysis in our assessment of a patient's biomechanics.

This allows us to watch the individual's movements, frame by frame and analyse any compensatory patterns or asymmetries that are not obvious to the open eye in real time. We use a treadmill with computer linked rear and side video cameras to achieve this.

We are also then able to change the way in which you move with advice, orthotics or even trying the different types of footwear we stock.

There are different shoe types to meet different walking and running styles, and whilst a "home" test such as the "wet test" (footprint) can give a good indication as to your probable running gait, based upon your likely arch type.

Computerised Video Gait Analysis can provide you with an accurate diagnosis of your running style, highlighting any problems or imbalances and enable us to advise you fully.

What to Expect

Following an initial consultation that can involve taking a full medical case history we may take a 'Light Podoscope' imprint of your foot using blue tangential light for optimum visibility of the areas of foot pressure.

Following further foot testing and examination, we may then ask you to run for a short period of time on a treadmill in a neutral or unstructured shoe, whilst we film your lower legs and knees. We then playback the video using state of the art software from Dartfish, which allows us to carry out a detailed slow motion analysis and freeze frame at the critical points. As you are able to view this, we explain what is happening.

Using this information and in conjunction with all other information gained, we are able to make certain recommendations on treatment, Orthotics, exercises, gait style and type of footwear.

Where certain footwear is recommended it is possible to trial different manufactures as they each suit different foot types ensuring you find the perfect fit.

It is also possible to trial various types of Orthotics or even to see if existing devices are doing their job effectively. Whilst you are doing this, we can record and playback before and after comparisons, to ensure that the shoe or Orthotic is doing what is required of it.