Private Pilates

One to One and Two to One sessions are perfect for clients who would like a bespoke class tailored to their specific needs.


These sessions take place in our equipment studio where you will use the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac and Chair. The studio equipment creates spring loaded resistance to the Pilates repertoire, producing more specific movement patterns in the body, challenging any weaknesses and therefore over time, improving posture, mobility and tone. The Pilates machines are amazing as well as fun and take the client to a different dimension of movement and body understanding.
Whether on a machine or mat these sessions are designed around you, your body and your goals. They are particularly good for;

  • Clients who would like a session tailored for them individually
  • Clients with specific injury or illness
  • New clients who would like to learn the basics before entering a group class
  • Clients with specific sports related goals where we can focus on your particular discipline - regular use of Pilates aids in injury prevention in athletes as we address imbalances and weaknesses before they turn into injuries.

To book a private session please contact us on 01582 769993 or email -

Services are available at our satellite studio located at:

HPO Fitness Studio, Alexandra House
Marlborough Park, Southdown Road, Harpenden, Herts, AL5 1PW

Book your session today using our HPO Fitness website or if you have any questions please e-mail