Charlotte Murray

Level 3 Body Control Pilates Matwork Teacher

Level 3 Award Pre and Postnatal Pilates

Charlotte first came to Pilates postnatally, after discovering she had abdominal separation. Through regular postnatal Pilates practise, Charlotte was able to bring strength and functionality back to her core. Pilates became an essential part of Charlotte’s postnatal rehab and she came away with a newfound interest in human anatomy and biomechanics, feeling compelled to learn more and to bring the many benefits of Pilates to others.

Going on to train in London with Body Control Pilates, the most comprehensive teacher training course of its kind and widely recognised as an international benchmark. She has since gained her Level 3 Award in Pre & Postnatal Pilates and is currently training to become a Low Back Pain Specialist.

There is no need to be super fit or flexible for Charlottes classes; all exercises are tailored to the individual for maximum benefit.